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Remodeling of Kotrč´s Millhouse

There had been almost nothing left from furnishings or equipment, water from raceway taken away for a long time. Only a rotten wooden shaft, which hanged out from the massive walls of the millhouse was giving a sense that a mill wheel was once there. In last decades the millhouse went through certain facelifts, according to taste of previous owner, for me that was kind of reminder of a cottage from Sazava riverside. Interier was a dark labyrinth of small tiny rooms. The house however must be spacious, same as endless nature around, therefore we cleaned it up from all of the inutility and let it become apparent in its core - solidity and nobility of stone, the most beautiful shade of granite I know. We added stone gable walls – its face. The house has been slightly heightened, so that it is able to even “compete” a little with endlessness of the forest surroundings.
The house has been designed for weekend leisure purposes with a permanent residence foreseen. Outside dimensions are approx. 9 x 8 m. Kitchen with a dinning hall are on the ground floor and living room with a fireplace on the first floor. Bathroom and bedroom are located in attic. There are minimum doors and inside divisions in the house. Technical room and small wine inventory are located in basement.
All of the windows are covered with shutters. When opened, they do not only signalize arrival of the owners, but also open the house for life with all the nature around getting in with all its colors. Above all, the scenery in front of the living room´s large window is an immense television screen, a story, that can be watched for hours. Whole valley, a „genius loci” of this place, is mirrored on the surface of the newly build lake.
Before its reconstruction, the house had had considerable cracks at several places. Therefore, ceilings were designed as ferroconcrete and reinforce the whole structure. Structural slab on the last top floor has been stretched to the sidewalls as it supports shroud, which is completely without straining beams thus leaves the whole attic opened. The original solid stone masonry with the width as much as 1 m has been added with a plasterboard skin wall with a steam-proof sheet and heat insulation.

Author´s note
Materials: Granite blocks, supplementary brick walls
            Ferroconcrete ceilings
            Shiver roofing
            Oak sash frame, doors and shutters
            Wooden floors – walnut, solid – Pandomo
            Outside side rail, shade’s´ slider
                guide - superheated zinc
            Interior staircase – brushed stainless steel, glass
Object function: Family recreational facility
            Basement – technology, wine storage
            Ground floor – kitchen with a dining hall
            First floor – living room with a fireplace
            Attic – bedroom and bathroom