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Philip`s House – Single family house
Radonice, Prague – East, Czech Republic


The one-storey family house in Radonice is designed for a four-member family. It reflects the owners' view of comfortable housing where all rooms are on one level and you can browse from them directly into the garden. The house is designed on the pattern of an elongated ellipse that enabled to create large main living space of pleasant proportions. A curved end of the ellipse symbolizes a family circle, a place where family members meet, a place where you can sit at the fireplace. The fireplace with its elliptical shape corresponds to the morphology of the house and becomes a sort of a centerpiece of the house. It's the end of an imaginary longitudinal axis which further defines the parallel line of communication – a central corridor where we can enter into individual rooms from.

Children's rooms have a pleasant, almost square proportion that was emphasized in the design. A line of the corridor is lit with three skylights from above. Refracted light creates emotionally pleasant atmosphere in the center of the layout.
Warm air from the fireplace is distributed with a fen in this axis, too.
All living spaces are south or east oriented.They are protected with a concrete awning against the sun and unpleasant overheating in summer. The awning extends along the living room and creates space for an outdoor seating terrace. I say, this space is a kind of an extended hand of the living room. Stone paving is a transition between the lawn and the entrance into the rooms and highlights natural tuning of the house where wooden materials – oak, resp larch are used both in the interior and exterior.
The concrete roof stretching enabled to create space for a covered parking for up to two cars at the entrance, which became a cleaning zone before entering the building.The roof protects the larch wood panelling which is anchored to the ceramic walls. All vertical structure walls and partitions are built from ceramic blocks. Wood is used only as facing.
The roof in the shape of elongated ellipse is designed to allow creation of a green roof with an extensive formation of succulents and grasses.